We love wine:

good wine, classic wine, wacky wine

but most importantly, wine that

respects the soil.  

We genuinely celebrate wine and

we want people to enjoy

them. We’re also genuinely

concerned about industrial farming

and wine production and the impact

it has on the planet. We want to

explore this with customers in an

accessible way – we want to make

the production of wine less

imaginary and more real (but no

less magical!) – an agricultural

product which relies on good farming practice – for the sake of good wine and for the future of good wine.


We have wines from Alsace to Japan. We are a shop full of weathered off-sellers who are fighting the losing battle to try every bottle in the shop. We have over 30 years of experience in the trade between our small dedicated team. If you can’t find something let us know and we will do our best to find it for you - or find you something similar.

We have a cheeky wee wine tasting every Friday night in store. It's free and you get to try some of our lovely nice wine! 

We're also aiming to have two wine tasting this year! Stay tuned for more details!


To see our wine list click on the images below! All stock is very much subject to availability and therefore not always in store!

For more info please get in touch. 

Chateau Du Tracy - Renowned vineyard with vines dating back to 1396. Exemplary Sauvignon Blanc from Puilly Fume with intense, flint-smoked, vegetal aromas on the nose mingling with black fruit aromas and freshly squeezed lemon. Bright, acidic palate washed in citrus fruits with seductive minerality. One of our best Sauvignon Blancs.
Canace Nero De Troia - Made from partially sun dried grapes. Heady nose of balsamic glaze and crushed raspberry juice mingle into notes of milk chocolate squares. The palate - dear god the palate - thick and smooth with notes of caramel swirls, nougat and hazelnut. The finish is that of a Drifter Chocolate bar - we kid you not.
Damana 5 - Damana is the youthful 'house red' of Bodegas Tabula. Made entirely from Tempranillo (Spain's mascot grape) the name references the 5 months the wine spends in oak barrels prior to bottling. Heartily recommended to Malbec fans, or those looking to explore Spain beyond Rioja.
Amelia Park Trellis Red Blend - Classic Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot but from the Margaret River in Australia. Easy-as-pie-drinking! Fruit driven palate of juicy red cherries and plump plums. Soft and moreish.
New Zealand
Staete Landt Syrah - Intoxicating, heady aromas of bloody red fruits and smoked deli meats. Thick palate of riped red fruits and milk chocolate squares with freshly ground coffee spice.
Eroica Riesling -Take two of the world's best winemakers and put them together to make an incredible Riesling named after Beethoven composition. And what a symphony it is! An almost dreamlike weight in the mouth, there but not quite,like fresh water from a mystical lagoon. Intense minerality on first sip but as this elixir travels further down the throat an explosion of lime curd and gummy cola bottle flavours leaves a lasting impression on the smooth, sultry finish. Like drinking liquid silk.
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