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Tastings at Valhalla's Goat are back, finally! We'll be offering weekly in-house tasting on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

We've really missed these tastings and we're delighted to bring them back as it's a good chance for us to talk mince with you, the customer, about our fantastic range of products. It's also just really nice to taste things with people who share a common love for bevy. So, don't be shy or timid, just pop in and get involved. 

We also host annual tasting events that happen whenever we decide to do them. Usually downstairs at Inn Deep with around 50 wines from all over the planet. If you'd like to keep up-to-date about our annual events, please register your email below.


Beer/Cider tasting with Harry from Dookit Brewing Co.

FRIDAY 5-7pm
Wine tasting. We'll open a bottle, or two if you're lucky. 

Whatever Phoebe decides is appropriate for the day

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