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Valhalla's Wine Club

We like wine. We like getting new wine in. We like tasting wine - with you, with us, tasting and exploring is a good thing. Well. We did like tasting these wines with you when we could taste wines with you, but now we’d need to wear a mask and it would be messy.

SO! we thought,
How about we put together 6 of the most exciting wines we’ve tasted this month and send them out to you?
And then we thought,
How about we record a couple of us socially distanced in the cellar drinking these wines so you can drink along with us?

So that’s what we’ve done. We have A LIMITED AMOUNT of these selection boxes available. Send us a request via the online form for our end of November Selection Box.

6 wines - one fizz, 2 whites, 2 reds and a wild card. £120. Amazing, weird, wonderful, classy, small scale wines.