It's gearing up to be that time of year where we all declare our love for one another! A much needed day of positivity for all - whether that's your VALentine, your GALentine, your PALentine - YOU GET THE DRIFT. 


Included is: *


2 x Cans Innocent Bystander Pink Moscato - the perfect way to start your day. Grab a can and have with breakfast in bed. Fizzy, low abv, jammy dodger goodness.


1 x 750ml Bottle 'Lolita' Goose Island - after your afternoon walk, settle down and share this INCREDIBLE 2016 release Belgian Style Wild Ale fermented in wine barrels with raspberries. Aged to perfection and drinking brilliantly right now. 


1 x Yorkshire Oyster Lemon and Chilli Crisps - THE BEST crisps in the world and great to have with your beer above. Also, we all know oysters are an aphrodisiac.


1 x Meinklang Biodynamic Sparkling Pink Rose - as evening arrives crack open a pink fizz (in the bubble bath?) which is a wonderful pink. Pinot Noir from Austria and tastes like the best Summer holiday romance ever (minus the STI's and sunburn)


1 x Love Poulsard French Red - because we all drink wine from the country infamous with love right? This is a perfect red wine from Jura that will suit any meal due to its seductive notes of fresh cranberry and refreshing acidity.


1 x Bon Cote French White - a weighty, enticing French Blend that coats your mouth like a tender kiss.


2 x Dessert In A Can Amunsden - round off your evening with a liquid dessert. Flavours vary, all are amazing, and will be sure to keep your dentist in business.


All this good stuff for £100

* If you want to swap anything for something else, just ask and we'll do our very best to accomodate!