Negroni Variations in D Minor

Well, we all know and love the humble, yet glorious Negroni. It’s rich and smooth and bitter and far, far too drinkable, it’s said that before his weight loss, chef Tom Kerridge would drink it by the pint! Boom!

Now, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it but, you can always have too much of a good thing. Variety is the spice of life and you’ll never know until you try and all that nonsense. So, without further ado, allow us to present to you our seven favourite variations on this all-time classic cocktail (and you’re just going to love number 6).

PS. All ingredients in these recommendations are in equal proportions. We will leave the amounts up to you.

The Rum Negroni

Rum, Campari, Red Vermouth, Flamed Orange Twist

Exchanging the rum for gin enhances the drink’s, already, smooth, rich body. Check it out, bro….

White Negroni - Italicus

Gin, White Vermouth, Italicus, 3 Olives (Ed. Stuffed with anchovies!)

This truly beautiful contemporary classic came out of nowhere with this ‘new’ Italian liqueur of rosemary, bergamot and pure class. The salty olive garnish compliments this wonder to perfection and we just don’t know why, but we goddamn love it!


Rye Whiskey, Campari, Red Vermouth, Orange Twist

This truly classic cocktail came to fame in the early 1930’s Paris, a few years before the Count Negroni made his historic gesture, but we feel that it still merits its place on this list. Try it if you haven’t, and if you have, barrel-age the next one for six months and see how you go. Seriously.

White Negroni - “Whose idea was this?!”

Smoked Mezcal, White Vermouth, Italicus, a Stick of Burning Palo Santo

We really don’t know whose idea this was, but jeezy-creezy, it is amazing! The rich smoke of the mezcal, the aromatics of rosemary, the quiet poise of the vermouth. More people need to know about this!

The Vermont Negroni

A Light Gin, a Light White Vermouth, Mead, A Honey Bee

OK. Gotta be honest. I’m not convinced about this, but the boss thinks it’s a good idea so here we go. Like, you can sorta see where she’s going with it but it’s just not gonna hold. So, sorry, but just don’t do it, kids. (Ed. Shut up, Ben!)

The Perfect Negroni

Gin, Campari, ½ White + ½ Red Vermouths, Lemon Twist

This was suggested to us by a local hotel bartender and we’ve gotta say, for a subtle change it makes a substantial difference, rounding out the bitterness and giving a buoyant lift to the old original. Try it.

White Negroni - Rinquinquin

Gin, White Vermouth, Rinquinquin à la Pêche, a Thin Slice of Candied Peach

Rinquinquin is a highly recommended French peach liqueur. Now, we haven’t actually tried this one yet, but we trust the person who did recommend it so much that we’re going to bring it to our shiny shelves for everyone to try. Fingers crossed.

There you go, folks. Come on down to shop and have a word with the lovely goats to discover the perfect match in the perfect drink. Enjoy! x