SURPRISE! More beers coming in! Can you believe it?!

But..... because of all the awesome words we have from the crew, we're purely focusing on the letter of the week. Check out the shop for this weeks beers and keep your eye on instatweetbook for fresh updates throughout the week.

We continue our Goat A-Z --- THIS WEEK IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE LETTER M --- M is for MMMMM...!!! Because there's all this stuff here that we love and it changes all the time and we're each going to tell you our favourite, THIS WEEK RIGHT NOW-  YAY!

please read on...

\\\ M is for MMMMMM ///

We couldn't miss this opportunity, folks!

Here and now each member of the shop team will highlight something that they love and tell you a bit about it in their own inimitable styles.

By Jordan, our newest addition of lovely to the team: "Northern Monks Patrons Projects are collaborations bringing together all the great breweries of Northern England into one outstanding powerhouse to produce amazing beers, from fruity radlers to indulgent chocolate imperial biscuit stouts, they do it all, and anything from the Patrons Projects will never fail to impress."

By Phoebe, or P-Dubz as we like to call her. The Glorious Leader whose effusive, ethereal tasting notes inspire us most days, but sometimes we just groan: "I am very excited about areas of vineous grey where the funk of natural wine gets waaaay funky, where farmyard, dirty stable flavours abound, where you're not entirely sure that the wine is OK. And this is definitely the funkiest bottle in the shop. It's Palomino from Cadiz, it's aged for 9 months in Amphora, and to coin an old phrase, you won't like it, sugar. I like it though. 😏" 

Michelle, our belle ... Mistress of all things computer-related, lover of pattern and order, solver of problems,  is in with the brickwork here - she's the second longest-serving Goat!  "Phoebe has chained me to the downstairs computer but occasionally I escape and manage to make it upstairs for a little chocco. On days where the energy is misaligned and my green smoothie has not hit the spot I enjoy a Salty Peanut chocco with a cup of Tension Tamer tea. Or any other delicious chocco, but only one! Unless Bleep crashes."

Little Annie Meikle, the heart and soul of the shop. She keeps us straight and keeps us smiling. Although she claims to be a pure Southern Lanarkshire lass, let's take a look at her choice:

"Oh I love a Margaux! It reminds me of long summers of wild abandon spent in our summer-house there. Siran has always been a favourite of ours - of course the Chateau was once owned by Toulouse Lautrec, but it's not that that is so appealing but rather the Merlot heavy blend with a dash of Cab and a zip of Petit Verdot. When I tasted this en Primeur I wasn't wowed but now with 5 years in bottle it's really bloomed into something special. It's got structure for long aging, too - we've got a couple of cases in the cellar which I look forward to drinking in the future, perhaps with a platter of pulled lamb." 

And one from John, the youngest in our little group, JP is a good man with a passion for learning and a great work ethic. He has chosen this lovely little gin all the way from Ullapool and The Highland Liquor Co., a nice juniper driven gin with subtle citrus lilting across the palate. And John says: "Hi. My name's John. How are you? Um.... I like gin. If James Bond was alive he would drink this gin. Yup.... So..... Uh..... who's your favourite James Bond baddie?"

Carla, aka The Pocket Rocket, amazing woman and human with a surprising amount of shoes can carry 24 bottles of wine up the stairs at a time, although we keep asking her not to. She likes wine a lot. Here's her favourite of the past wee while... "I pure love this Chilean Moscatel. It's a fruit bomb which sends you on a flying carpet ride of lush ripe peachiness and warm sunkissed herbs. Like sliding down the side of a rainbow into a paddling pool."

Thomas, the beautiful mad genius behind all of our beers! This man knows his stuff. You wanna know about the beers, ask Thomas, and he's a lovely human being to boot! He's been extolling the virtues of Pohala, a truly awesome brewery in Tallinn, Estonia, which is starting to be recognised with some international acclaim, probably aided by Thomas. And he says: "This lot are making the most banging beers around! Well priced, unusual, lesser spotted, lush and proper tasty. Sick labels." 

From big Craigie-boy, our magic man with a plan from the beautiful Port Glasgow. The biggest bam to push booze since Harry Craddock has chosen for you this gorgeous little number. 95% Cab 5% carbonically macerated Syrah, lightening and enlivening the fruit, organic, indigenous yeasts, this beast has it all. Give it a bit of time to breath, chunky with some real excitement. And Craig says:

"Seriously, though, this wine is fucking great! Buy it and drink it. You'll fucking love it. Belter"

Calum is our gaddabout man of words and symbols. He's also known to sit around wine bars in Paris drinking natural wine. No surprises, then that he's chosen this red French blend with a brilliant label.  "It has to be the happy piggypal wine from Vignerons Estézargues, near Avignon in Southern Rhône. This super-drinkable blend of Grenache and Syrah is vinified without additions, fining or filtration. C'est vraiment funky, comme moi!"

Last but not least the brains behind the increasingly brilliant content of the newsletter, the lost Glaswegian Kiwi who has encouraged us all to be a bit better in everything we do - it's BEN. He's spent a lot of time being a cocktail guy without being a wanker, which we applaud him for. He's also made a beer fest and loves everything boozy. Here's another episode of his Tales of Cocktails...


The Sazerac

MMMMMMM....... The Sazerac...... A cocktail that some claim (quite contentiously) was the original cocktail. Now, without beginning into the annals of booze history, we can say for certain that it is a pre-phylloxera, pre-American civil war drink with its origins in good old New Orleans. So, nearly two centuries ain't bad.

30ml Clos Martin VSOP Armanac 30ml Rock Town Rye Whiskey 5ml La Fee Absinthe Parisienne Couple of dashes of Orange Bitters (not in picture but we will get more back in, dib dib dib)

So, find your favouritest glassware for this special drink, something flashy and ornate, yeah? Pop the absinthe into the glass and roll it all around to coat the inside of the glass. This will rise when the drink is poured and gives a beautiful aromatic lift to the final presentation.

Get all the rest of your ingredients into a mixing vessel, glass or tin, no worries and get all your ice in there (preferably some nice big cubes).

Stir your drink. Now some people will dictate 30 seconds stirring, or 20 stirs clockwise and 10 counter-clockwise, or some other nonsense. Realistically, it depends on your ice, ambient temperature, temperature and material of your mixing vessel, lots of variables. So, stir and taste, stir and taste, stir and taste, until it's just right for you. Easy.

Strain the drink into you flashy glass and garnish with a twist of orange. Enjoy!

NB. I would love to sit a talk about this drink for ages. History, variations, presentation styles. But we only have so much time. So, if you're interested come on in for a chat   :D    BC

So there you have it - things that make us go mmmmmm this week. 

lots and lotsa lovely stuff to explore!