No cobwebs or spiders or turnips or witches or cats or anything in this. 

This week's BOOZELETTER: beer then wine, you'll feel fine - namely ---> beer arriving this week a -z continues with V for VALHALLA'S VINOS/VINS VALHALLA'S ie our team's favourite wines of the year!!! (part 1/2)

and here's a goat drinking some wine:

Plus our regular cocktail tales of cocktails...  this week: The White Negroni revisited

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Imperial Fruit Sour 10%


A few new cans arriving this week from Spain...

Bulletproof Tiger IPA 7,2%

Cream of Vic Secret IPA 6,1%

Kafesnea Imperial Stout 11% with To Ol

Strawberry Buzz Sour 4,8% with Siren


BETWEEN SEASONS Fruited Sour with Plum & Blackberry 4,6%

//////71 BREWING\\\\\\


MAKING HERSTORY Porter 6,2% with Beers Without Beards


Back in the fridges...


And many many more to come... full run-down on Thursday via usual social channels - Instagram facebook twitter #newbeerthursday

!!! V is for Valhallas Goat's !!!     !!! Bi-Annual Vined-Up !!! !!! Woo-Hoo !!! (part 1/2)

V for Vined-Up! Yes, we're highlighting our personal choices from our awesome shelves. So, take a look and whet your palates for these beauties!

We also want to say, for those not in the know, that our name stems from Heidrun, the mythical goat from Norse legend who would eat the leaves of Yggdrasil, the world tree, and be milked for her mead to booze up the Vikings carousing in the Valhalla hall from then until Ragnarok. So, there you go. Every day's a school day at Valhallas Goat!

Phoebe's Choice ✌

Too many wines, too little time. Here's 6 of the tonnes of favourites from 2019. 

Gallimard Amphoressence. New generation's Champagne, aged 5-6 years in Amphora - MICRO-OXIDATION, PEOPLE!! Energetic but rich, superb with cheese, a total Champagne game changer. 

Dönnhoff Oberhausen Leistenberg Riesling Kabinett. Special vineyard in the Nahe benefitting from drying morning and soft evening light. Exquisite soft minerality with elegant fruit. Got a diagram for this one. Special place, special winemaker, special wine. Thunderstorm.

Jean Stodden Recher Spatburgunder. Superb Pinot from one of the best Pinot Noir producers in the world. SUPER complex, earth, deep green 'blackforest' intensity, rich, silky... One to keep. 

Niepoort Le Charme. Trod these grapes for '19 in the vineyard. Unlike my treading, this is an exercise in elegance. Long Barrel aging. Stunningly silky but also rustic, lifted. Best Burgundy Ever, except it's not from Burgundy. 

Les Prunes. My summer night wine. Funky but fresh and pure - creamy metal (like a zinc bucket. sorry.)  and redcurrants. Finished underground in some clay. Refreshing, moreish, super food-friendly. 

Sonoro Perseguidor. Best story of the year, best jazz guitarist sonic macerator of the year, best massive red of the year. Malbec, but with a full sense of cosmic vibration. Rich, layered, earth, silk. 

Craig's Choice

Craig felt there was 'too much pressure' to write notes, so the following is loosely transcribed:

"Lismore. Viognier? Told Ben to photo Chard. Both amazing though. Viognier, like liquid gold".

"Corbieres. Mystical. Wait I've got a note on my [fanstastic] Instagram page... "easy, spicy, deep and refreshing all in one".

"Danny Ramos' Kn rose. Smells like smoked bacon. Bits in the bottom 'cos it's real wine". 

Calum's Choice

"If anyone orders merlot, I'm leaving. I am not drinking any fucking merlot."

Santa Barbara County was made infamous by the movie Sideways and this is a beauty that would keep even Paul Giamatti's character happy. Blackberry depth and nice oaky french grip in the mouth ride of a lifetime. This is as smooth at the right moments as a shined leather shoe and as compelling as a great film. My wine of the year.

Greywacke Wild Yeast Sauvignon Blanc 2016 Ben's Choice

Well, I know that people are tired of Marlborough Sauvignons but I really do love them, and this one is a significant step beyond the usual tropes. (I also used to live there and just went to a geology lecture) Greywacke (pron. Grey-Wacky!) is a sedimentary rock blend of sandstone and mudstones. These grapes were selected from sites dominated by this rock from both the Wairau and the Awatere river valleys, the two growing regions of Marlborough. Lightly pressed, destemmed fruit had its juice racked straight into old French barriques with spontaneous fermentation allowed from the indigenous yeasts. With some malo-lactic going on and lees stirring, this is reminiscent of a Pouilly-Fume and it's stunning. I love this wine with its bright nose of sweet fruit, Asian spice and hints of tarragon leading to a complex palate displaying quince, apricots, lemon zest, honeysuckle, a lovely touch of autolytic shortbready goodness and a gorgeous dry flinty finish. As the kiwis would say: 'Sweet as, bro!'

... to be continued next week with maybe some kind of WINTER WINE TASTING LAUNCH NEWS!!!


The White Negroni

30ml Vya White Vermouth 30ml Suze GentianLiqueur 30ml Black Thistle Gin A Big Twist of Grapefruit Zest

We've actually done a white negroni here before with Italicus in place of the Suze but this is the original recipe. Created by Wayne Collins, legend has it that during a busy service he ran out of ingredients for negronis and smashed this out instead. The truth is that he developed it specifically for VinExpo, in Bordeaux, one of the greatest brand exhibitions in the world. But never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

We're using the Suze to dictate this drinks originality but we're deviating on the other two ingredients. The Vya Vermouth because this week's news is brought to you by the letter V and it is the verisimilitude of vivacity. And the gin because Blackthistle has all the components we need and want without being overtly expensive.

So, all the liquids into an open steel shaker with loads an loadsa ice. Stir it all down to perfection. Strain into a rocks glass to serve. And garnish by dispersing the oils of the grapefruit twist and drooping it in on top. Yum!

PS. This is one for fans of big flavours. The suze is stunning but unsubtle and powers through the other ingredients. To be enjoyed by fans of the bitter.

What's that goat up to now?