Our top 5 spirits for January

Springbank 10

This behemoth of a whisky offers drinkers the perfect introduction into the Springbank range, and it’ll make you come back for more, time and time again. Matured in a combination of bourbon and sherry casks, it’s viscous mouth-feel and flavours of cinnamon, vanilla and sweet spice will be perfect alongside your Burns Supper on the 25th.

Isle of Colonsay Wild Island Gin

Easily our best selling gin, this Hebridean gin has proven itself to be a staple on any craft gin lovers gin shelf. Your palate will be able to pick out each of the six hand gathered botanicals which give Wild Island its unique flavour. From the sweetness of the lemon balm on the nose to the wild water mint on the finish. The journey of this gin encompasses the soul of Colonsay.

Diplomatico Mantuano

A Venezuelan classic that’s been aged for up to eight years in the tropical warmth. Aromatic dried plums and oak give way to vanilla, dried orange peel, and brown sugar warmth. Absolutely perfect by itself, but not so dear that you can’t add it to a cocktail (in fact, you should!)

Arran Gold

Isle of Arran Distillers award-winning cream liqueur. Forget Bailey’s, Arran Gold is the only cream liqueur you should be drinking. Aromas of chocolate and mint invite you to sip the honey sweetness on the palate. Perfectly smooth, perfectly warm….just f*cking perfect!

Fraiser Strawberry Scotch Whisky Liqueur

A marriage of old & rare scotch whiskies and the finest Scottish strawberries. The aromas of sherbet and neapolitan ice cream take you to a comforting childhood memory where you’ll feel nostalgic and safe. Then, the warmth of the first sip and it’s honey character feels like that favourite blanket you carried with you on long car journeys as an infant. All the feels in one bottle!

Top 5 beers for January

Schofferhofer Grapefruit

Basically, a low alcohol wheat beer shandy that tastes great. If you like the idea of dry January but don’t actually want to commit to it, this is the beer for you. At 2.5%, this cheeky German radler lets you enjoy a drink without that stinkin’ hangover.

Traquair House Ale

From the oldest inhabited house in Scotland. Traquair House in Peeblesshire has some serious history behind it. Their house ale, which is a traditional Scottish recipe, boasts a caramel-like palate and toffee sweetness making it a great wee winter warmer. Try it with some strong vintage cheddar and a little plum chutney.

Buxton: Rain Shower

Buxton Brewery is well renowned for making great stouts, and this 2017 release of Rain Shadow definitely lives up to the expectations. Deep aromas of coffee and 92% cocoa and a roasty toasty palate hide the 10% abv pretty well, so take yer time with it!

Northern Monk/18th Street: Yeast

Part of Northern Monks annual trilogy series: ‘YEAST’ is a double dry-hopped saison with spelt, wheat and rye. Sourdough bread meets lemon zest and hop bitterness. It’s a pretty complex hybrid with a lot going on, so lull over it for a while and remember that it’s 9% abv.

Harvieston: Ola Dubh 12yr

The Ola Dubh range from Harviestoun is arguably the best whisky barrel-aged beer available. They teamed up with Highland Park and created an aged black ale with barrel loads of flavour. Molasses, coffee and chocolate notes are all complemented by a warming whisky finish and a hint of lingering vanilla. Get the fire burning, get yer feet up and sip away the cold January blues.

Top 5 wines for January

Frog's Leap 2014 Zinfandel, Napa Valley, USA

A.k.a - your big full-on red.

With temperatures dropping at a daily rate, we’re all about big rich reds with bags of warmth to warm us up right down to the tips of our frozen toes! This Zinfandel from Napa Valley is the perfect antidote to those winter blues. Flavours of toffee coated raisins ripened in Mediterranean sunshine mingle with elegant refined tannins and notes of vanilla pod. Stick on the fire (or the central heating) curl up under a blanket with a glass of this and some cosy socks and winter won’t seem so bad!

Norman Hardie Unfiltered 2013 Chardonnay, Ontario, Canada

A.K.A - your heavily oaked, unfiltered, New World Chardonnay

No added sulphites and bottled unfiltered and unfined, this blend of Chardonnay grapes started fermentation in stainless steel before finishing its journey in French oak barrels. If there is a God in a Heaven somewhere then grapes might have been created just so this wine could be produced! The nose of this is just incredible - tonnes of flint smoke and tangerine. Like freshly struck matches and blood oranges. Rich, full palate balanced by exceptional acidity and a minerality on the finish that is so good it will make you blush a deep pink. Outstanding.

Dandelion Vineyard's Lion's Tooth 2015 Shiraz/Riesling, McLaren Vale, Australia

A.K.A - your go-to, any night of the week, cherry-bombshell Aussie Red for under £15

McLaren Vale Shiraz flirts with a kiss of Riesling to create something you will love! Big, overripe black cherries oozing vanilla kisses wrapped in chocolate hugs with folds of fruit and hints of sweet balsamic. This is your go-to wine. Won’t break the bank and always delivers.

Oliver Zeter Sweetheart 2016 Sauvignon Blanc, Pfalz, Germany

A.K.A - your fun, sweet, low alcohol, I-could-drink-this-with-breakfast bliss

A carnival of lime zest sweetness, rollercoasters around your gums in a Summer holiday of loveliness! There isn’t much more to say. Every single one of us Goats would happily wire this in on a drip if doable. Cavity inducing but worth keeping dentists in their profession for. On a more serious note - gentle, natural spritz, lots of gooseberry fool and stone fruits with balanced acidity.

Meinklang Prosa 2016 Frizzante Pinot Noir

A.K.A - biodynamic, no-added sulphite, natural fizzy pink stuff

Just because the New Year celebrations are over and the festivities are all packed away doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pop a cork now and then! In fact, we encourage it! This is a beautiful fizzy pink - delicate and gentle with strawberry and cream notes and a beautiful burst of sunshine citrus. Elegant bubbles, this natural wine from Austria is a mere 10.5% abv. It’s great for all occasions or just for everyday achievements - like getting the kids to bed!

So there you have it. Of course, there's plenty more gems in store so you'll just need to come in and have a look around! And don't be shy to ask one of our team for some guidance. We love talking about booze! Until next time... Toodlepip! Team Goat x

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