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Our two best-selling Italian heavyweights are a real double act. Customers love them, staff adore them, and Italians; produce them well every time!

What's Inside?

Canace Nero di Troia (Puglia) - This red is a big lush. It smells like dark smoked chocolate and dried cherries. The wine puts up a fight, but it's quick to apologize and gives you a big, warm hug at the end. This is a southern Italian wine on steroids! 

Edda Bianco Salento IGP - Made using mainly Chardonnay and bulked up with some indigenous grape varieties. Edda is an elegant beauty, but also has a beastly side to her! Expect Mediterranean fruits, precise minerality, and a lusher than lush texture. An absolute joy to spend some time with. 

Treat yourself, or someone else, and we'll gift wrap them all nice for you. 


Available for collection or delivery.


*Subject to availability. 

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